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As new technology grows and is accepted by a user community, it is important that there are organized resources and activities to train individuals in the use and maintenance of that technology. AUVAC presents a unique opportunity to provide that training in that it has operational systems as well as close affiliations with the academic community. AUVAC will develop, in concert with its members’ activities and information sharing that will support the Center’s interests in both university-based education as well as programs that support K-12 and related educational experiences. This training focus will help supply the operators of these new systems as the market expands in the near future.

Delaware-based sonar training company releases new DVD on autonomous underwater vehicles

by Vince Capone

Summary: Black Laser Learning, known worldwide for its in-depth sonar technology expertise and innovative training programs, today announced a new DVD featuring autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). This latest release from Black Laser’s ever-growing learning base is a comprehensive industry review, covering all major manufacturers.

(Hockessin, DE) September 3, 2010 – The ability to map the ocean floor, lay cable, locate shipwrecks and hunt mines are just some of the varied needs required by marine-related industries around the globe.

As advances in underwater technology continue to grow, so, too, does the need to understand and work with the myriad of vehicles available today. But demanding schedules and tight budgets can make it difficult to attend live training courses. Additionally, making the time to research manufacturers can be challenging. That’s when training via DVD comes into play.

“We shorten the learning curve in finding the right equipment for sonar operations,” says Vince Capone, BLL’s owner, who has over 22 years of commercial, military and Homeland Security side scan experience. “Our aim is to make information simple, straightforward and presented in a visually-rich format. And this new DVD is no different.”

Hosted by Dr. Art Trembanis of the University of Delaware, and narrated by Capone, the AUV program starts with basic definitions and concepts, building into a detailed discussion of vehicle capabilities, sensor packages, survey strategies and field operations. It’s a progressive, step-by-step overview that helps personnel make well-informed decisions on what product will suit them best. Manufacturers include such companies as Lockheed Martin, Bluefin Robotics, Gavia and Kongsberg.

Black Laser Learning’s clients include the military, law enforcement personnel, underwater archaeologists, offshore oil and gas organizations, and marine survey companies. “Whether you are looking to purchase or need to train personnel on a vehicle already in use, this AUV DVD provides a strong foundation in operational concepts across all manufacturers,” says Capone.

The Not in the Manual Guide® to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles sells for just $295 (plus shipping), is approximately two hours in length, includes an acronym guide, and is geared to the operator and manager alike. Later this year, Black Laser Learning will be developing a downloadable version of the program, making the information even more easily accessed. “This new DVD is truly the single source for information on AUVs. We’ve covered it all.”

To learn more about Black Laser Learning and to order a copy of the new AUV DVD, visit www.blacklaserlearning.com.

About Black Laser Learning 
Black Laser Learning is an education company specializing in distilling complex technological subject matter into easy understandable training segments presented live, by DVD or computer-based interactive training formats. Our clients include the U.S. Navy, the F.B.I., U.S. Department of Justice, and Marine Law Enforcement operations.