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The pages making up this section of the website are a work in progress and are intended to provide resources to the AUV community. The information available in this section is a result of support from AUVAC members and the broader AUV community. We encourage you to help populate this section with the various information and design aids that can be of benefit to all.

Although we all have proprietary software and hardware, there are also a lot of information resources and tools that we use on a regular basis that we have either developed to help our own programs or have stumbled upon over the years. It is the intent of this section to make these resources available to the community at large to help new technologists as well as others to provide added value to the broader AUV community. It would be a benefit to all if you chose to share some of that information with the community at large.

If you have resources that you could make available to share on the AUVAC website, please let us know. Email us describing them to [email protected]. If you wish, we will credit you for your submission or not; whichever you desire. Thanks for your help and support.

Acoustic Ray Trace Programs

Other ocean acoustic software and other useful software