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Gemini 720i 300M Multibeam Imaging Sonar

2D Imaging Sonar

Tritech International

Tritech International Limited
Peregrine Road
Westhill Business Park
Aberdeen, AB32 6JL
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)1224 744111



Gemini 720i sets new standards for multibeam imaging sonars. It offers a compact real-time high frequency imaging solution, which is suitable even for very small ROVs and AUVs. The sonar head weighs just over 1kg in water and is designed to be easily installed onto a variety of underwater vehicles and platforms.

With a 720kHz operating frequency, and state of the art processing electronics, Gemini 720i produces images of superb clarity with the added benefit of real-time imaging. An integrated sound velocity sensor assists in providing the sharpest image possible, with accurate ranging.


Operating Frequency                 720kHz
Acoustic Angular Resolution       1.0°
Scanning Sector                       120°
Number of Beams                     256
Effective Angular Resolution       0.5°
Vertical Beamwidth                   20°
Range                                      From 0.2m (0.7ft) to 120m (395ft)
Scan Rate                                6 - 30 Hz (range dependent)
Range Resolution                      8mm (0.3”) (user selectable)


Power Consumption                35W
Supply Voltage                       18 - 75V DC
Comms                                  Ethernet (10/100 BaseT) or VDSL (with Ethernet 1000 BaseT available)


Depth Rating                         300m (984ft)
Weight in air                         3.9Kg (8.82lb)
Weight in water                     1.2Kg (2.65lb)
Width                                   135mm (5.31”)
Height                                  110mm (4.33”)
Depth                                   228mm (8.98”)

More Information: http://www.tritech.co.uk/products/products-gemini720i.htm


Manufacturer Spec Sheet PDF: gemini720i.pdf