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Underwater Laser Scanner ULS-500

TwoG Robotics Inc.

2G Robotics Inc.
2-614 Colby Dr.
Waterloo ON Canada
N2V 1A2

Phone: (519)-886-8859



Long Range Scanner
The ULS-500 Underwater Laser Scanner is a mid-range measurement system that is ideal for capturing high-detail measurements in areas spanning from 1m to over 10m in ideal conditions. The system is designed for inspection of offshore jackets, inland dam and bridges, pipeline surveys and ovality measurements. The laser scanner produces very high detailed measurements capable of resolving measurements of less than 1mm and can be easily deployed by ROV, AUV or divers.


  • Hundreds of times higher resolution than Sonar
  • Covers Large Scan Ranges
  • Modular Design
  • Algorithms to Deal with Silt in the Water


  • Offshore Jacket Inspection
  • Offshore Damage Assessment
  • Offshore Pipeline Survey
  • Offshore Wind Farm Inspection
  • Open Water Scanning
  • Ship Hull & Propeller Inspection
  • Dam and Bridge Inspection
  • Water Treatment Plant Inspection
  • Underwater Archaeology
  • Shipwrecks
  • Marine Biology



More Information: http://www.2grobotics.com/products/underwater-laser-scanner-uls-500/


Model: ULS-500