Simultaneous Sonar Beacon Localization & AUV Navigation

September 19, 1996 via - IFAC 2012

Abstract: This publication addresses underwater vehicle navigation and localization using a single acoustic beacon, assuming that the depth of the beacon is known. This problem is found in scenarios such as deep-sea navigation and airplane black-box recovery. In the case of deep-sea exploration, single-beacon navigation reduces system set-up time and operational costs. A parametric flter that allows for real-time implementation at an a ordable computational load
is developed. The proposed method is based on the SLAM framework and the inverse-depth parameterization employed in Computer Vision. Our approach is analyzed through simulations to assess its consistency and eciency. Finally, our method is applied to real data acquired during the inspection of the wall of a dam by an AUV.

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Author:Becker C, Ribas D, Ridao P
Publisher:IFAC 2012
Citation:Becker C, Ribas D, Ridao P, Simultaneous Sonar Beacon Localization & AUV Navigation, IFAC 2012, Sept 19 2012
Date Published:September 19, 1996
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