Unmanned Underwater Vehicles is bigger better or smaller smarter?

June 1, 2012 via - Naval Forces Magazine

The long, cylindrical streamlined torpedo shape is common to many underwater vehicles (UUV). And since the standard submarine torpedo tube is 533mm in diameter, many systems intended for delivery using a submarine are limited to that diameter. There are inherent payload and energy storage limitations imposed by the maximum diameter of the 533mm vehicle. But while many UUvs with naval applications available today have the shape and diameter of a torpedo there are new systems that are considerably larger. Modularity and open architecture mean that basic platforms can be configured for civilian or military use.

Organization: None
  • Benthic Rover
  • Cutthroat LSV-2
  • Double Eagle
  • Echo Ranger
  • Hugin 3000
  • Kokanee LSV-1
  • Manta
  • SeaCat
  • SeaOtter MKII
  • Remus 100
  • Bluefin-21
Author:Lundquist, E
Publisher:Naval Forces Magazine
Citation:Unmanned Underwater Vehicles is bigger better or smaller smarter, Lunquist E, Naval Forces, June 2012
Date Published:June 1, 2012
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