Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

March 1, 2011 via - InTech

There are concerns about the impact that global warming will have on our environment, and which will inevitably result in expanding deserts and rising water levels. While a lot of underwater vehicles are utilized, AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) were considered and chosen, as the most suitable tool for conduction survey concerning these global environmental problems. AUVs can comprehensive survey because the vehicle does not have to be connected to the support vessel by tether cable. When such underwater vehicles are made, it is necessary to consider about the following things.

1) Seawater and Water Pressure Environment,
2) Sink,
3) There are no Gas or Battery Charge Stations,
4) Global Positioning System cannot use
5) Radio waves cannot use.

In the paper, outline of above and how deal about it are explained.

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Author:Tadahiro Hyakudome
Citation:Hyakudome T, Design of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, inTech, Vol. 8, No. 1 (Mar 1, 2011)
Date Published:March 1, 2011
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