Remus Launch and Recovery Systems

August 19, 2007 via - UUST

This paper discusses different approaches to the launch, recovery and stowage of larger Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) operating from vessels of opportunity in elevated sea states.

The primary consideration for the launch and recovery process is to be able to launch and recover a large AUV using the same aids and procedure for the complete range of operational environmental conditions. Also to undertake the procedure with minimal human intervention during the release and recovery stages of the operation. Dedicated Launch And Recovery Systems (LARS) are extremely effective even in elevated sea conditions, but are sometimes too expensive or do not fit the available deck space of a vessel of opportunity.

This document discusses a cost effective and transportable alternative approach to the launch and recovery procedure using a lightweight vehicle and a simple cradle that protects the vehicle while in transit and is also used for deploying and retrieving the vehicle.

The launch and recovery of large AUVs from vessels and in particular vessels of opportunity presents significant challenges to both manufacturers and operators alike. As AUVs come into ever more increasing use for scientific, military and commercial applications, the need to safely deploy and more importantly retrieve vehicles is paramount. While some AUV operators are able benefit from bespoke systems that are dedicated to the vessel, there is also an increasing need for transportable systems that may be safely operated from vessels of opportunity. When considering the operation of an AUV a number of factors must be discussed. The ability to put a small boat or diver in the water in low sea states mitigates many of the risks associated with recovery operations, however safety considerations, increased sea states or the proximity of pack ice in Polar Regions often prohibit such activities. AUV operators
strive to improve launch and recovery operations to reduce risk, improve safety, reduce environmental impact, and increase operational availability.

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Author:Lester G
Citation:Lester G, Remus Launch and Recovery Systems, UUST, 19 Aug 2007
Date Published:August 19, 2007
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