Low-frequency acoustic source for AUV long-range communication

June 23, 2011 via - MAST Europe 2011


Long range underwater acoustic communication achievement is a decisive milestone for very long cruising AUVs deployment (>1000 km). This paper describes a new kind of acoustic source designed and manufactured by iXSea, the Janus-Hammer Bell (JHB), which was recently used in the at-sea experiments for longrange communication by JAMSTEC. The modem center frequency was 500 Hz, and its bandwidth 100Hz. It provided a 200dB (ref.1μPa@1m) flat signal level spectrum with full immersion capability and was designed to be battery operated. This patented underwater acoustic source was exploited in a “passive timereversal” process. This method newly achieved long range communication at a rate of 100bit/s at 1000km.

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Author:Mosca F, Matte G, Shimura T
Publisher:MAST Europe 2011
Citation:Mosca F, Matte G, Shimura T,Low-frequency acoustic source for AUV long-range communication, MAST Europe 2011, June 2011
Date Published:June 23, 2011
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