ONR Long Endurance Undersea Vehicle Propulsion Future Naval Capability (FNC)

March 10, 2011 via - ONR


The BAA will have three sections:

  • Energy Systems
  • Autonomy (operate in the Littorals)
  • Endurance Technologies

Each of the three sections will be evaluated separately. You may propose to one or multiple sections of the BAA . If an organization proposes to multiple sections of the BAA, a separate proposal is needed for each section. Proposals must clearly mark which section they proposing to and follow the BAA guidelines for that section. A single proposal for the entire BAA will be considered non responsive.

An organization may propose to a component or all components in each section

ONR is focused on finding the best technologies available. Therefore, this BAA will focus on component technology proposal and not system level proposal.

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Author:Daniel Dietz
Citation:Deitz, Daniel, ONR LDUUV INP Industry Day, 10 Mar 2011
Date Published:March 10, 2011
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