IMOS monitors almost one-third of the world's oceans

December 22, 2010 via - GizMag

Australian climate and ocean scientists are studying some of the planet's most remote areas using a multi-million dollar array of high-tech underwater equipment that provides data vital for the monitoring of almost one-third of the world's oceans. The kit of technology includes sensor floats and autonomous underwater vehicles, which combine with sensor tagged animals, moored scientific stations and satellite remote sensing to form the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS).

All data collected by IMOS is available free at the institution's webportal, the IMOS Ocean Portal. The integration of this data and its online presentation at the IMOS Ocean Portal represents big step forward in climate science.

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Author:Grant Banks
Citation:Grant Banks, IMOS monitors almost one-third of the world's oceans, GizMag, Dec 22, 2010
Date Published:December 22, 2010
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