The New Generation of Brainy Robot Subs

December 31, 1983 via - Popular Science

They 're called "ROVs" - remotely operated vehicles with no pilots. Their mission: exploration and salvage in the Earth's most inhospitable environment - the ocean floor. Many present-generation ROVs require no physical link to the surface. In some, the only link is an acoustic data stream to operators above who control the movements of the vehicle, though ROVs can follow predetermined paths without direction. Future robot subs will be completely on their own, using advanced programs that give them capabilities akin to human judgement. Prototypes are emerging, but there are many problems yet to be solved.

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Author:Peter Britton
Publisher:Popular Science
Citation:Peter Britton, The New Generation of Brainy Robot Subs, Popular Science, December 1983
Date Published:December 31, 1983
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