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Ashtead Technology


10635 Richmond Avenue

Suite 100

Houston, TX 77042

United States

Organization's Description:

Ashtead Technology, Inc. supplies equipment for non-destructive testing, environmental monitoring, remote visual inspection, and offshore positioning and surveying. It offers offshore equipment, including fibre optic multiplexers, long and ultra-short baseline positioning systems and accessories, and surface positioning equipment; environmental monitoring products, such as analyzers, detectors, monitors, and samplers; non-destructive testing products, including acoustic emissions, thickness meters, ultrasonic scanning and recording systems, hand held eddy current inspection devices, magnetic particle inspection, and thermography and electro-techniques; remote visual inspection equipment, such as endoscopes, bore scopes, video scopes, video probes, robotic crawlers, and thermal cameras; CEMS; and consumables, including bailers, filters, foot valves and surge blocks, rite in the rain products, gloves, labels, tubing products, and disposable pumps.

Blue Ocean Monitoring in partnership with Ashtead Technology specialise in the deployment of autonomous ocean gliders, and currently operates a fleet of Teledyne Webb Research Slocum G2 Gliders globally. The versatile buoyancy-propelled glider is a proven technology, that can significantly lower project costs and HSE risk. It has the ability to withstand harsh offshore conditions for long durations, delivering extremely high resolution ocean data, in near real time.

The company was founded in 1997 and is based in Houston, Texas. It has locations in Baltimore, Maryland; Chicago, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Rochester, New York; St Louis, Missouri; Atlanta, Georgia; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Austin and Deer Park, Texas; and Los Angeles and Oakland, California; Mexico; South America; Europe; Africa; Canada; Asia Pacific; and the Middle East. Ashtead Technology, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Ashtead Group plc.

Phone: 832-308-7600
Fax: 713-339-1823