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DeepOcean Group

Commercial operator

Postboks 2144 Postterminalen
5504 Haugesund

Organization's Description:

DeepOcean is an integrated provider of safe, high quality, innovative services and technologies for the subsea industry. Demonstrating an extensive track record, DeepOcean offers a breadth of subsea services including Survey and Seabed-mapping, Subsea Installation, Seabed Intervention, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), and Decommissioning.

This strong portfolio of services, coupled with a fleet of owned and controlled specialised equipment and multi-purpose support spreads, enables DeepOcean to bundle its subsea services to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions to meet individual client needs.

DeepOcean is an efficient offshore service provider operating in the oil and gas, offshore renewables and electrical power transmission industries, with offices in Norway, UK, Holland, Brazil, Mexico and Singapore.

The backbone of the DeepOcean fleet of ROVs is the HIROV 3000, Installer and Supporter type ROV systems which are designed to the highest possible specification and have integrated interface facilities to carry a sophisticated suite of survey, inspection and construction support tooling and sensors.

DeepOcean Hugen 3000

Phone: +47 52 70 04 00
Fax: +47 52 70 04 01