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Rowe Technologies


12655 Danielson Court, Suite 306
Poway, CA 92064 USA

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Rowe Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures acoustic Doppler current profilers for applications in oceans, lakes and rivers. Our products blend the most established and modern acoustic Doppler sonar technologies into a broad and versatile product line of high performance sonars, for current profile and vehicle bottom velocity measurements.

Doppler Velocity Log (DVL)

The Rowe Technologies SeaPILOT family of Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) represent the industry state of the art in acoustic Doppler technology. The compact form factor and powerful electronics, provide a versatile platform capable of producing precise bottom referenced velocity and/or current profile measurements for ROVs, AUVs, and other manned/unmanned submersibles. The SeaPILOT DVL’s are well suited for the following applications, including

  • Subsea and surface vessel navigation
  • Closed-loop control for vessel station-keeping
  • Velocity-aiding of inertial navigation systems
  • Towed vehicle along/cross-track velocity measurements

For vehicle navigation applications which require a custom fit, such as small AUVs, the SeaPILOT family design incorporates four individual broadband piston transducers along with compact electronics to facilitate repackaging into a variety of vehicle form factors

Phone: 858 842 3020
Fax: 858 842 3021