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Commercial operator

60 Coghlan Road
Western Australia 6008

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Fastwave Communications develops integrated solutions designed to enhance the productivity, efficiency and safety of remotely located personnel, assets, infrastructure and equipment. Our products and services are used in the energy, utilities, mining, transport, environmental and defense sectors, and our clients include Australian and international corporations, government agencies, research institutions and military organizations.

We have a focus on integrating satellite telemetry systems with sensors, process control equipment and terrestrial communication systems to provide global, real-time asset visibility. As specialists in the use of the Iridium satellite constellation's highly advanced Short Burst Data telemetry system, we are able to offer solutions that work on land, at sea or in the air.

Fastwave's wireless communication expertise includes satellite, GSM, GPRS, RFID and Bluetooth technologies. This is complemented by advanced hardware, software, embedded application and database design and engineering skills.

The company also provides mobile satellite voice communication services for a broad range of clients located all over the world. In recognition of Fastwave's expertise as a satellite data systems integrator, the company has been appointed a Value Added Manufacturer by Iridium Satellite LLC.

Phone: 61 8 9381 5353
Fax: 61 8 9381 5885