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Global Oceans

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Global Oceans
1034 Hidden Creek Court
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

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Global Oceans is a US-based nonprofit organization that has developed an optimized and managed approach to assembling and operating oceanographic research "platforms" worldwide utilizing existing commercial resources, including platform supply vessels and modular laboratories in routine service to the offshore petrochemical industry. This approach extends ocean research capacity worldwide while reducing the need for new large asset infrastructure investments which are increasingly difficult to fund and operate through traditional science funding channels. Through selective short-term chartering and configuration of vessels from the global commercial pool of several thousand vessels, Global Oceans has created an operational model that is both highly adaptable to specific mission requirements and readily scalable worldwide.

Operational requirements for ship-based deployment of large, technically complex assets such as AUVs can be aligned with the right vessel specifications, onboard handling equipment, modular laboratories, and satellite uplink and communications support. Global Oceans is working with the ocean science community to develop collaborative planning tools and to identify capacity gaps where these resources can add value. By aggregating international and multidisciplinary scientists around regionally- and technology-based mission requirements, Global Oceans will offer an operating environment for AUV, ROV, UAV and HOV suppliers that can be more cost-effectively shared across multiple projects and science teams.

An example of this collaborative approach is Global Oceans’ current work with Boeing’s Unmanned Underwater Systems Group in Huntington Beach, California. In development is a joint operational and management plan to make available to the ocean science community the use of Boeing’s current and next generation Echo Ranger AUVs as an integrated, “bundled” system facilitated by Global Oceans’ chartered platform model. The Global Oceans/Echo Ranger package will include technical and logistics support from Boeing, including on-site operational support, and will allow multiple scientists to share in the placement of sensors and sampling instrumentation on each deployment within Echo Rangers’ large instrument bay and exterior surface.

Phone: 847-334-5028