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Scottish Association for Marine Science

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The Scottish Association for Marine Science
Scottish Marine Institute
Centre for Smart Observation
Oban, Argyll PA37 1QA, UK

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About the Scottish Marine Institute

 The Scottish Marine Institute delivers marine research and education that aim to improve our understanding and sustainable use of the marine environment. It is home to the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), a learned society that is among the oldest oceanographic organisations in the world. The Scottish Marine Institute also houses the European Centre for Marine Biotechnology and SAMS Research Services Limited.

We are an international marine research institute working on multi-disciplinary research themes that investigate marine renewable energy, Arctic Seas, dynamic ocean processes and people and the sea. We also provide a multitude of services to business through SAMS Research Services Ltd. We provide innovative higher education degrees and short training courses. To deliver our research and education activities we are supported by outstanding facilities, capabilities and infrastructure.

North Atlantic Glider Base

Since 2009 SAMS uses Gliders and AUVs to support research projects investigating the oceanography of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. 

SAMS currently operates two Seagliders

About the NAGB

The North Atlantic Glider Base welcomes scientists from all over the world to bring Gliders to SAMS for deep water testing, launch and recovery for North Atlantic missions, and for advice on operations and on real-time data delivery. We also provide access to our gliders and AUV for development and trial of new sensors.

The NAGB offers 

  • Access to laboratory space for pre-mission Glider preparation including ballasting
  • Access to coastal research vessels for sheltered deep water testing (to 200 m)
  • Access to fast vessels for deployment and recovery for North Atlantic missions
  • Advice on scientific and operational aspects of Glider missions
  • Advice on software for real-time Glider data delivery to GTS or to data centres

The North Atlantic Glider Base is a delivery partner of the Marine Autonomous Robotic Systems at the National Oceanography Centre and is supported by NERC National Capability funding.

Phone: 44 0 1631 559 323
Fax: 44 0 1631 559 001