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Undersea Solutions Group


Organization's Description:

Undersea Solutions Group (USG) develops and builds specialized manned and unmanned undersea vehicles for military customers around the world. Formerly The Columbia Group's Engineering Solutions Division, USG has built or converted specialized craft for a variety of purposes, including support of submersibles and submarines, special warfare, testing of mine warfare systems, torpedo countermeasures and more. The division, established in 1972, reports to Newport News' Submarine and Fleet Support division and operates in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Core Capabilities

  •     Systems Engineering
  •     Design and Development
  •     Electronics Design and Fabrication
  •     Rapid Prototyping
  •     Undersea Vehicles and Specialized Craft
  •     Counter Mine/IED Systems
  •     Test and Evaluation Support
  •     Manufacturing and Fabrication
  •     Life Cycle Support