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DOF Subsea

Commercial operator

DOF Subsea AS
Thormøhlens gate 53 C
5006 Bergen

Organization's Description:

DOF Subsea is a leading provider of subsea services to the Oil and Gas industry. Our know-how translates a scope of work into an offshore operation.
We combine expertise and technology for safe, efficient and cost effective project delivery. DOF Subsea has the field proven experience to provide specialized survey, subsea construction and inspection repair and maintenance services (IRM) which involve complex and challenging engineering in an international environment.

We own and operate a high specification fleet of Vessels, Dive Systems and ROVs. On their own, these are valuable assets, but in combination with our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel, they provide our Clients with a world class capability to deliver project managed and engineered subsea solutions – up to depths of 4000msw.
Located in the major offshore oil and gas production areas of the world we provide:

  • Offshore construction and support vessels
  • Project management and engineering
  • Survey and positioning operations   
  • Diving operations
  • ROV operations 


Phone: +47 55 25 22 00
Fax: +47 55 25 22 01