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Virginia Tech Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices Laboratory


Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices Laboratory
310 Durham Hall,CIMSS (0261)
Blacksburg, VA 24061  USA

Organization's Description:

Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices Laboratory(BMDL) conducts research on biomimetic jellyfish robotics. They are developing an unmanned underwater vehicle for the Office of Naval Research which will be used for surveillance purposes. This vehicle will have a broad range of applications for both military and civilian uses. The objectives of the individual vehicle nodes are to communicate with each other and make decisions as a network. The project is a multi university research initiative (MURI) which includes five schools from around the country. Each school contributes a separate piece of the puzzle such as communications, sensors, actuators, biology, and propulsion.

Phone: 540 231-0745
Fax: 540 231-2903