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Saft is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for industrial and defence applications. The Group is implementing its strategy for high technology lithium-ion batteries in the renewable energy storage, transportation and telecommunication networks markets.

  • The world's leading manufacturer of industrial nickel-based batteries for use in air and rail transportation, standby power applications and emergency lighting.
  • The world's leading manufacturer of primary lithium batteries for the electronics and defence industries.
  • The leading European supplier of specialised, advanced technology batteries for defence and space applications and N ° l worldwide in lithium-ion satellite batteries.

Saft's Specialty Battery Group (SBG) is recognised as the world's leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high performance primary lithium and rechargeable Li-ion battery systems for the electronics, defence, and space industries. The advanced technologies developed by the company produce solutions equally renowned for their compact format, high reliability, light weight, and long life. SBG also designs, develops, and manufactures rechargeable and primary silver-based batteries for conventional defence applications such as torpedoes and missiles.

Main applications

Utility meters, electronic loll collection, military communication systems, torpedoes, space launchers, military hybrid vehicles, small submarines, missiles, night-vision goggles, GPS systems, medical equipment, asset tracking, sonobuoys