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Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.


Street Address
Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.
17455 NE 67th Court, Suite 120
Redmond, Washington 98052, USA

Mailing Address
Sound Ocean Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 2978
Redmond, Washington 98073-2978, USA

Organization's Description:

Sound Ocean Systems, Inc. (SOSI) is a woman-owned, small business incorporated in 1978 with one goal: provide quality marine systems, components and designs at realistic costs through innovative engineering, design and manufacturing. Since then, our talented staff has worked closely with our clients, providing them with reliable, cost-effective solutions for marine operations.

SOSI designs, engineers and manufactures equipment for international clientele such as academic institutions, government agencies, fishing industries and private companies. SOSI products are used in a variety of marine fields such as oceanographic, meteorological data gathering, seafloor mapping, survey, underwater cable burial, trenching, ocean mining, military and port security. Used under the most severe conditions, our systems have performed at depths in excess of 5000 meters. SOSI handling systems routinely perform in Sea State 5

Phone: 425 869 1834
Fax: 425 869 5554

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