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Marine Sonic Technology


Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd.
5508 George Washington Memorial Highway
PO Box 730
White Marsh, Virginia 23183-0730

Organization's Description:

Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. is a small Virginia company with a solid reputation for quality and a bright growing future. Formed in 1993 following a merger with Applied Sonics Corporation, MSTL is rapidly becoming recognized as a producer of state-of-the-art technology.

MSTL produces a low cost side scan sonar called Sea Scan® PC which is setting the standard for high quality performance. Sea Scan® PC, incorporating many patented and innovative features, uses a personal computer for all control, display and recording features. When connected to highly accurate navigation devices such as Global Positioning System (GPS) the integrated navigation plotter included in the Sea Scan® PC precisely records the area searched and the location of any objects of interest.

Once only of interest to the military, side scan sonar offers a unique ability to locate objects underwater with near photographic quality. Sonar, using sound waves instead of light, can "see" much farther in water. Until the advent of imaging type sonar systems, objects lost overboard and even ship wrecks virtually disappeared until located by under water divers sometimes many years later.

Phone: 800 447 4804
Fax: 804 693 6785