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Sierra Lobo


Corporate Headquarters
102 Pinnacle Drive
Fremont, OH  43420
Phone:  419-332-7101
Fax:  419-332-1619

Technology Development and Engineering Center
11401 Hoover Road
Milan, OH  44846
Phone:  419-499-9653 (WOLF)
Fax:  419-499-7700

Organization's Description:

Sierra Lobo, Inc. is a leader in researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing new and innovative products and processes related to Advanced Cryogenic Storage and Thermal Insulation Systems, Thermoacoustic Cryocoolers, Cryogenic Instrumentation, Cryogenic Pumps, Cryogenic Electronics, Stirling Power Systems, and Electro-magnetic Systems for the aerospace, transportation, and energy industries.  Sierra Lobo personnel have conducted more than $30 million in cryogenic systems and propellant-related research activities over nearly two decades.  Sierra Lobo, Inc. is nationally recognized in the field of cryogenic technology

Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Power Systems
Advanced cryogenic reactant storage system enables fuel cell powered underwater vehicles
System features:

  • Liquid hydrogen and/or liquid oxygen reactant storage
  • PEM, SOFC fuel cell, thermal engine compatible
  • Scaleable from heavy-weight vehicles (21”) to large-diameter (60”) UUVs
  • Vacuum jacketed liquid cryogen vessels with multi-layer insulation system

UUV applications:

  • Mine reconnaissance
  • Submarine track and trail
  • Seal delivery
  • Oil and gas exploration


Phone: 419-332-7101
Fax: 419-332-1619