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Harbin Engineering University

Harbin, HLJ, P.R.China

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The College of Shipbuilding Engineering serves in educating highly qualified researchers, technicians and engineers through meticulous studies and rigorous practices of relevant subjects. In regard to educational training, scientific and technical research and engineering design, this College is ranked as one of the leading institutions in China and thus enjoys the fame as 'China's shipbuilding engineers' cradle'. The Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (NAOE) at the College of Shipbuilding Engineering has a history of more than 50 years. Primitively, established as Navy Engineering Department in 1953, it was one of the key departments of Harbin Military Engineering Institute.

Research Work
In the field of scientific research, the faculty mainly emphasize upon investigations, design and development of advanced and high-performance vehicles and marine structures. As the results of the faculty's diligent efforts, the researches have made great progress in the areas of hydrodynamics and structural mechanics of ships, such as resistance, propulsion, maneuverability, sea-keeping, wave loading, strength and fatigue of naval and offshore engineering structures. Numerous research activities have been profoundly acknowledged at national level, and some of the research work has also gained international recognition, as it comes up to the standards of advance research level. The College enjoys a fame in performing researches in hydrodynamics of advanced high performance vessels, ship stabilization technique, high efficiency propulsion and ocean energy utilization, energy saving technology, under-water robotics technology, submersible design technology, ship wave loading, and structural hydro-elasticity theory and experiments.

This College is a member of ITTC (International Towing Tank Conference), and ISSC (International Ship Structural Mechanics Conference), which are the top academic organizations in shipbuilding area. The faculty members are encouraged and supported by the College to take active roles in international academic activities. Each year, many teachers go abroad to attend academic meetings and conferences, thus exchanging experience with foreign colleagues and promoting friendship worldwide.

Phone: 0086 451 82518068