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Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc


2815 Rouse Road Ext.
Kinston, NC 28504

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SIS applies its expertise in robotics and sensor technologies to take unmanned surface vehicles to the next technological step in operational effectiveness through the application of advanced autonomy and perception. SIS's underlying robotic technology, leveraged from the NASA Mars Rover program, enables unmanned vehicles to maneuver and navigate independently in an area populated by multiple vehicles, permanent structures, changing topography, and shifting environmental factors. Vessels using this technology are able to deploy and perform missions continuously at great distances, over long time periods and at minimal levels of human supervision limited only by the physical limitations of the platform, payloads and fuel.

SIS has been the Lead System Integrator for the US Navy Autonomous Maritime Navigation (AMN) Project to advance maritime perception and intelligent autonomy for unmanned vehicles. AMN combines advanced 3D imaging technology, LIDAR, RADAR, multi-sensory data fusion, multi-dimensional processing algorithms, and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence into an advanced common baseline, portable and mission adaptable autonomous control system. AMN is integrated with an advanced sensor suite that will permit unmanned surface vehicles (USV) to support multiple missions and payloads aboard any USV (platform independent). All of the autonomous control system and perception electronics have been integrated into a robust maritime system enclosure that is environmentally sealed and controlled.

Armed with the AMN capabilities, automated operational missions such as persistent surveillance, large-area monitoring, force protection and harbor patrol become immediately achievable and have already been demonstrated at sea. As intelligent autonomy behaviors mature, the more hazardous forward-deployed missions such as automated minesweeping, ASW, logistic support, remote intelligence gathering, and dispersed weapons platforms become possible. SIS is committed to advance warfighter protection towards the ultimate goal of saving the lives of our service personnel.

Phone: 252 522 1456
Fax: 252 523 1803