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Sheyang Insitute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences


Shenyang Institute of Automation
Chinese Academy of Sciences
114 Nanta Street
Shenhe District
Shenyang 110016

Organization's Description:

The Robotics Laboratory, formerly known as the Chinese Academy of Sciences Open Laboratory of Robotics, is currently the main component of the State Key Laboratory of Robotics (Please see The laboratory was the first robotics laboratory set up by China’s government. The well-known robotics scientist and academician, Professor Jiang Xinsong, had once been the director from 1989 to 1997. During the past two decades, the Robotics Laboratory has developed at an international advanced level in both basic theories and high technologies. A series of research results about the forefront exploration and industrial application of robotic technology have significant impacts, which showing that the Robotics Laboratory has strong capacity of solving the national science and technology problems. Presently, the Robotics Laboratory plays a core and pioneer role in China’s robotics research and is an importation robotics research organization in the world.

The Robotics Laboratory aims for providing the required robotics technologies and systems for China's economic and social development, national security and the major scientific projects, researching on basic theory and technology in robotics, developing of the available robotic technologies and robot prototypes, cultivating and converging high-level talent for robotics research, and promoting the sustainable development of advanced robotics technologies and systems in China. The Robotics Laboratory will focus on developing the advanced robotics system with the capacity of perception, thinking, and action. And it will research on the basic theories and methods in robotics, key technologies, robotic system integrations and applicable robotic technologies. Detailed research areas include environment adaptable mechanism, autonomous behavior of robots, human-robot interaction, micro-nano robotic manipulation, application-oriented robot system integration, and robots’ demonstration application.

A number of research results with high impact come out from this laboratory in robotics’ basic researches, cutting edge technologies demonstration application. In recent years, many areas have new and wider requires in robotics. The Robotics Laboratory seize the opportunity timely by carrying out cutting-edge researches such as space station docking test system, bio-inspired robotics, polar exploration robots, civil safety robots, national defense safety robots, search and rescue robots, and micro-nano robotics. Above researches are strongly sponsored by national great projects and/or national important projects. In the new century, research outputs increasingly meet the urgent national needs in science and technology development and national defense.

One of the laboratory’s long-time pursuits is to nurture and cultivate competent professionals for the discipline’s basic research and applied research. So far, its long-term efforts in this aspect have paid off with the success in upbringing of a contingent of R&D professionals led by CAS academicians. In recent years, the laboratory succeeded in strengthening its international cooperation and talent exchanging by hiring many overseas experts. Currently, the laboratory has a postdoctoral station in Mechatronics Engineering and Control Science and Engineering which acting as a hub for talent circulation, two doctorate degree points and two master degree points majoring in Pattern Recognition & Intelligent Systems and Mechatronics Engineering. As a result, it has trained a batch of top quality personnel for research centers and enterprises.

The laboratory has being open to all the researchers in the world and attracting numerous domestic and foreign experts to carry out research cooperation here. Through the open foundation, the laboratory has established constant contacts with nearly 30 universities, institutes and enterprises across the country which almost coving all the robotics researchers in China. According to its researches directions, the laboratory has selectively established close cooperative relations between the world-class scientific research groups in recent years. This cooperation plays an important role in developing research subjects and establishing the demonstration targeted system to meet the national requirements.

The Robotics Laboratory warmly welcomes both the domestic and the foreign experts and scholars to carry out exchange and cooperation in researches.

Phone: 86 24 23970012
Fax: 86 24 23970013