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Corvus Energy


Unit 220, 13155 DelfPlace
Richmond BC, V6V 2A2

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History- The Corvus Journey

Corvus Energy was the brain-child of nearly fifty years of combined history in the marine and battery industry. Company founders George Roddan and Neil Simmonds, ground breakers and patent holders in their respective industries, came together with Brent Perry to create leading edge lithium ion technology . Our company can meet all of your heavy power needs, with no limits . We love to create viable alternative power supplies for hybrid and electric propulsion applications throughout the world.

The Team

The team at Corvus Energy has extensive experience in marine design and power train development, as well as in the production of battery storage systems for deep power applications. This unique combination of experience and capability provides the customer with a seasoned, value-added approach to the integration of high performance battery storage technology to their projects. Industry can now tap into this resource in order to provide solutions to their markets world-wide and to secure their premier positions using reliable and long lasting power supplies. Our company is made up of veterans in the heavy power development of lithium power technology, experts in the retail and commercial marine sectors, and young and highly skilled engineers. We all share the same goal: making the world a better place, one battery at a time.

Corvus Energy, was created in 2009. It is a unique combination of the most advanced lithium power technology available today with a single-minded focus on customer service and satisfaction.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Submarines

Manned and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) currently use lead-acid batteries to power all functions on board. These underwater vehicles are employed in the offshore oil industry, the tourist industry, and other sectors as well, to perform missions critical to each operation. There is a significant opportunity for Corvus Energy’s power systems based on superior lithium ion chemistry which supplies up to four times the power density of lead acid. This characteristic has the potential to immensely lower operating costs for UAV’s and Submarines in reduced charging requirements, significantly less down time and greater range and redundancy.

Corvus Energy is working with a number of companies focused in this area. Battery packs can be developed to suit any manned or unmanned subs.

Specialty Oceanographic Instrumentation

These instruments measure environmental conditions above and below the waters' surface. Ocean gliders and wave buoys make up the majority this market segment. Wave buoys are anchored devices that report wind speed and direction, wave height, current speeds and water temperature. Ocean gliders are independent devices which, "swim", freely descending and ascending using bladder systems and moving weights in concert with fins. These instruments, being relatively small and deployed for extended periods of up to a year at a time, makes battery performance an important component in the design and capability of these devices. Corvus Energy's power storage systems provide superior performance compared to existing technology.

There are currently more than 1000 gliders and wave buoys being operated out of the US and Canada.

Phone: 604 227 0280
Fax: 604 227 0281