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University of Porto Ocean Systems Group


Ocean Systems Goup
Room I-111
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
4200-465 Porto

Organization's Description:

Ocean Systems Group

The research activities of the Ocean Systems Group are directed towards the development of advanced systems for the automatic collection and processing of data in aquatic environments. These activities are supported by the development of specific technological solutions in the framework of multidisciplinary R&D projects and protocols.

The Ocean Systems Group aggregates highly motivated researchers, with over 15 years experience in the design, development and operation of robotic systems, both in Portugal and abroad. The group's laboratory also serves as a training ground for graduate and undergraduate students, and visiting engineers and scientists. We are continuously strengthening and building new cooperation links with other researchers, companies and institutions, so please contact us if you think we can cooperate in some way.

Current Research Thrusts:

  • Navigation and control of multiple vehicles
  • Modeling of ocean processes
  • Real time adaptive sampling with autonomous vehicles


The Ocean Systems Group develops its activities within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and INESC Porto, at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto.