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Teledyne RESON


Teledyne RESON
Fabriksvangen 13
3550 Slangerup

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Today, the RESON name is the hallmark of sonar gear, transducers, and hydrophones you can count on. RESON’s SeaBat has become an industrial standard and almost all of the 1,100 RESON multibeam echosounders sold worldwide are still getting the job done 20 years on. That’s strength. And resilience. No wonder RESON is the first choice for leaders of expeditions and hydrographic surveys all over the world.

The company is growing and expanding into new markets and application areas. Its fourth generation of sonar systems will provide unprecedented performance for the international oil and gas exploration industry in terms of accuracy, resolution, depth rating, and range.

Headquartered in Denmark, we have a global presence with six offices around the world. Talk to us about your sonar needs, and we’ll help you find a reliable, flexible system that’s high on performance and low on cost of ownership.

Phone: +45 4738 0022
Fax: +45 4738 0066