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Phoenix International

Commercial operator

9301 Largo Drive West
Largo, Maryland  20774 USA

Organization's Description:

Phoenix International is a marine services company dedicated to safely conducting complex manned and unmanned underwater operations on a worldwide basis.

Phoenix's expertise resides in wet and dry chamber underwater welding, underwater non-destructive testing, manned diving, side-scan sonar, ROV operations, AUV operations, underwater tooling, submarine rescue, and engineering design and integration.

Unmanned Services

Phoenix offers government, military, and commercial clients a full spectrum of underwater services requiring the operation of unmanned, towed search systems (side scan sonar), Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), Autonoumous Underwater Vehiucles (AUVs) and supporting equipment.

Autonomously operated vehicles operate via complex mission programs and do not require in-situ human operator control. This category of underwater vehicle requires a complex arrangement of on-board sensors and computer controllers and has recently become quite advanced. Currently, these vehicles are best suited for routine tasks like large area surveys.

Phoenix engineering AUV design experience includes designing the LExUS system for the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research (ONR). LExUS is a modular large diameter test platform capable of accepting a variety of payloads and utilizing Phoenix’s pressure tolerant lithium ion batteries and pressure tolerant electronics. Phoenix’s operationally minded engineering team used their experience to develop the payload section of LExUS to be easily accessible, quickly reconfigurable, and easily maintained.

Lithium Ion Batteries
Rechargeable, Pressure Tolerant

Phoenix International Holdings, Inc (Phoenix) has developed the next generation underwater battery.  Proven on multiple ROV excursions into RMS TITANIC (>12,000 fsw), these rechargeable batteries are high energy, pressure tolerant, fault tolerant and designed for S9310 requirements.  Phoenix Cells include a proprietary, networked Battery Management System (BMS) providing charge and discharge protection and more.  The Modules, of 8, 12, or 13 cells in series, have a BMS header board and can be connected in series and parallel to meet the system’s voltage, load, and energy needs.

Phone: 800 648 8949
Fax: +1 (301) 499-0027

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