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SmartMotor AS


Jarlev. 8 - 7041 Trondheim No.

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Since 1996 SmartMotor has developed innovative and breakthrough technologies for making highly efficient customized electrical machinery, motors and generators and drives for different industrial applications. Today, these machines are being used by, amongst others, Rolls Royce Marine, Kongsberg Maritime, Sway, Atlantis Resources Corporation, Oceaneering and Siemens Power Electronics and are among the most compact and effective electrical machines available. The company’s focus is on development and integration of permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) for demanding environments.

ROV/AUV Subsea motor systems in current production with 10 years track record
By engaging in close cooperation with customers SmartMotor was able to double the efficiency of the propulsion drive of its Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) by utilising a modern Permanant Magnet design and by operating the motor with advanced sensorless optimal control.

- Highly efficiency machine
- Full torque at all speeds
- Proven operation down to a depth of 4500 meters
- Pressure compensated unit – operates under full pressure
- Product tested over 10 years
- Option for tailored design adjustments


Phone: 47 73982500
Fax: 47 73982501