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Vehicle Control Technologies


Vehicle Control Technologies, Inc.
1900 Campus Commons Drive - Suite 300
Reston, Virginia 20191-1530

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Long known for its hydrodynamic maneuvering simulations and undersea control systems, VCT is now delivering turnkey UUVs, Gliders, Powered Tow Bodies (PTB), and towed sonar vehicles. Drawing upon its design and simulation experience with over 350 vehicles, VCT is currently developing a series of modular UUVs. Standardized electronic and mechanical components as well as open-architecture core software make these modular vehicles exceptionally reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

VCT’s Advantage in the vehicle marketplace is that it incorporates its high fidelity physics based M&S capabilities throughout the design and fabrication phases. This allows us to design in an environment rich in numerical & graphical analysis using high-productivity design tools. It also stimulates innovation, enlists cooperation within design teams, find errors early in the vehicle development cycle, lowering risk by conducting Hydro/Control simulations before hardware is available. VCT’s design approach supports DDR&E’s System 2020 vision “Application of modeling and simulation throughout the development process fosters more effective concept engineering and concurrent design, development, manufacturing, deployment and evolution.”

Hydro Modeling & Simulation
Validated simulation for both undersea and air vehicles
Used to design vehicle shapes, towed systems and vehicle controllers


  • Flexible, modern, open architecture software
  • ASTM F-41 Architecture, SAE AS-4 JAUS messaging
  • 95% of VCT core software common across all vehicles
  • Vehicle-specific parameters in a separate .ini input file
  • Certification hours accumulate with each new vehicle
  • Standard Linux operating system with 2.6 kernel
  • 16 new vehicles currently in design (Tested 10 vehicles in 2009-10)

Hardware/Underwater Vehicles
The hydrodynamic, control and software simulation capability enables VCT to design and fabricate underwater vehicles that are more reliable, with modular hardware, field replaceable components, with an affordable upgrade path to do new missions. Standardizing key vehicle components across vehicle sizes and types enables rapid development cycle

Phone: 703 620 0703
Fax: 703 620 1734