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L-3 Klein Associates Inc.


L-3 Communications Klein Associates, Inc.
11 Klein Drive
Salem, New Hampshire 03079

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L-3 Klein’s side scan sonar systems are respected as the standard of excellence in the industry and are deployed by Governments, Navies, Port Authorities, surveyors, oil companies and universities worldwide. L-3 Klein’s sonar systems and derivatives have been used to locate the Titanic, wreckage of the US Space Shuttle, downed aircraft including TWA Flt 800, Swiss Air Flt 111, John F. Kennedy Jr’s plane and Egypt Air 990, a myriad of underwater antiquities as well as performing the day to day work of Hydrographic Surveys. Klein employs an experienced staff of technical personnel, familiar with the ocean environment and are ready to serve your needs. The high resolution Klein sonar systems, designed and manufactured in our 60,000 square foot plant in New Hampshire, provide high speed, full bottom coverage with imagery unmatched in the industry.


L-3 Klein has an extensive worldwide network of sales and factory trained support staff to distribute integrated bridge systems, radars, gyrocompasses, steering controls, autopilots, ship security alert systems, automatic identification systems, echo sounders, and communication systems.  Klein is the exclusive supplier of Raytheon Anschütz GmbH High Seas Products and maintains strategic distributor relationships with Thrane & Thrane, Furuno, RM Young & Co., Leica, and others. Klein customers range from the US Army and US Coast Guard to Shipyards and commercial shipping and cruise lines.

-Waterside Security and Surveillance

L-3 Klein has developed, sells and supports the HarborGuard® Integrated Waterside Security and Surveillance System which combines radar, infrared and day time video surveillance technology to provide all weather, day/night security coverage over water areas.  The HarborGuard® System is currently deployed by the US Navy for protection of base facilities, local governments for bridge, port / harbor and critical infrastructure security, and commercial companies for oil drilling rig and critical asset protection.  The HarborGuard® System is designed to deter, detect and deny intrusive small targets on the water.


L-3 Klein maintains a factory trained and certified staff for worldwide service. Our technical service teams install turnkey Integrated Bridge Systems, handle emergency and warranty repairs, and complete cradle to grave installations of waterside security and surveillance systems as well as integrated sonar system suites.

Phone: 603 893 6131
Fax: 603 893 8807