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Lockheed Martin


Lockheed Martin
Maritime Systems and Sensors
100 East 17th Street
Riviera Beach FL 33404

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Lockheed Martin has more than 50 years of subsea development experience, and is a full spectrum solution provider, employing a systems engineering approach and offering “cradle to grave” services. Lockheed possesses leading edge technologies in subsea systems, sensors, and software, and has extensive experience in autonomous systems development across the gamut of unmanned aerial, ground-based, and maritime systems.

Lockheed Martin is applying its extensive experience, cababilities and technologies to develop and deliver a robust AUV capability to the Oil and Gas Industry, and will employ the Marlin AUV Platform to demonstrate measured, incremental steps in capability. Lockheed Martin's vision for AUVs in the offshore oil and gas industry is to achieve autonomous inspection , repair and maintenance capabilities, thereby significantly lowering costs, improving performance and safety, and ultimately achieving "vessel independent operations" for deepwater Operators.


Phone: 561 494 2307
Fax: 561 494 2591