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Saab Seaeye


20 Brunel Way
PO15 5SD

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Saab Seaeye, the world's largest manufacturer of electric remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), is to take responsibility for the Saab group's underwater vehicle division which currently forms part of Saab Underwater Systems in Motala, Sweden. International sales and marketing functions and equipment manufacture will move from Sweden to be integrated into Saab Seaeye's centre of operations at Fareham, UK.

We focus on the development and production of underwater systems that gather and process data, detect and neutralise mines and destroy naval targets on or under the surface.

The trademark of our products is the inherent performance in shallow and extreme shallow water. This is a knowledge that has been built up over a long period of close co-operation with the Royal Swedish Navy and other navies world wide.

Saab Underwater Systems has a long and eminent history as a supplier of highly sophisticated underwater systems for both the Royal Swedish Navy and the export market. The company is evolving towards a provider of services with emphasis placed on further developing our unique key competencies.

Since its beginning in 1910 Saab Underwater Systems has been developing and manufacturing torpedoes. The close co-operation with the Royal Swedish Navy for developing and testing our systems is a contributing factor to the low development costs and facilitates realistic conditions and environments for product verification and validation.

Phone: 440 1489 898000
Fax: 440 1489 898001