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National University of Singapore


Tropical Marine Science Institute
National University of Singapore
12A Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119222

Organization's Description:

The ARL is a laboratory within the Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI) of the National University of Singapore (NUS). We, here at the ARL, conduct fundamental & applied research in underwater systems with a focus on tropical marine acoustics & sensing platforms.

The ARL conducts basic and applied research with the aim of becoming the preeminent marine sensing research laboratory in southeast Asia. From every aspect of marine operations acoustics is the natural tool for use underwater as sound can travel over several kilometers whereas other forms of energy are useful only at very short ranges. For man to operate efficiently underwater, we need to develop acoustic techniques to augment the conventional ways in which we see and study the marine environment. As we see the future of marine sensing in networked autonomous assets, we also conduct research in the areas of networked underwater autonomous assets.

Our research programs are oriented towards providing an effective marine research capability for Singapore to fulfill its needs with respect to managing its marine resources. We also support affiliated marine research laboratories in their work where acoustic tools and research inputs are required.

Phone: 65 6516 8326
Fax: 65 6874 8325