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LinkQuest Inc.
6749 Top Gun Street
San Diego, CA 92121

Organization's Description:

LinkQuest Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision acoustic instruments for offshore oil exploration, construction, drilling, survey, environmental study and other oceanographic applications. Our innovative Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum (BASS) Technology sets new standard for acoustic communication and positioning. LinkQuest’s FlowQuest Acoustic Current Profilers and NavQuest Doppler Velocity Logs provide highly competitive solutions for current profiling or precision underwater navigation applications. LinkQuest Inc. is the only company in the world capable of producing sophisticated underwater acoustic modems, USBL tracking systems, acoustic current profilers and Doppler velocity logs. Over years, LinkQuest has earned an extraordinary reputation in terms of product performance, product quality and customer support.

LinkQuest is the dominant supplier of underwater acoustic modems in the world. Its SoundLink High Speed Acoustic Modems transport more than 95% of the world's acoustic communication data. These systems have set a series of technical performance records in field deployments all over the world. The SoundLink acoustic modems have formed the world's largest underwater acoustic communication networks with hundreds of nodes.

Phone: 858 623 9900
Fax: 858 623 9918