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University of British Columbia

Scientific user

Department of Civil Engineering
Environmental Fluid Mechanics group
2002 - 6250 Applied Science Lane
Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6T 1Z4
General Information:
Telephone: 604.822.2637
Facsimilie: 604.822.6901

Organization's Description:

The Environmental Fluid Mechanics group is led by Dr Greg Lawrence and Dr Bernard Laval whose combined expertise spans the whole range of analytical, numerical, laboratory, field methods.

Although Canada has more water than most nations, fluctuations in the quantity and quality of our available water, due to climate change and other human influences, greatly affect Canadian life. Most water quality issues require an understanding of physical processes such as circulation and irreversible mixing. Examples include trapping of nutrients behind upstream reservoirs, nutrient supply to the photic zone supporting phytoplankton and fisheries food supply, effluent dispersal in lakes and coastal waters, and the path of contaminants (such as E. coli and Cryptosporidium) to drinking water supply intakes and beaches. The EFM groups focuses on the description and understanding of the physical dynamics of water bodies with the aim of developing numerical models for the prediction of the impacts of climate change and human activities on lake circulation.

Phone: 604 822 2637
Fax: 604 822 6901