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Hawkes Remotes


1160 Brickyard Cove, Suite B17
Point Richmond, CA 94801
Tel: +1 510.236.3422

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Hawkes Remotes Inc. (HRI) is a spinoff from leading ocean engineering firm Hawkes Ocean Technologies, which has for the last fifteen years been a leading innovator in the field of manned and unmanned submersibles and core submersible technologies. Co-Founder and CTO Graham Hawkes has designed and developed more than a dozen manned submersibles, diving suits, and ROVs, as well as manipulators and other tools for ocean access and work. More than 500 systems designed by Hawkes are in the water today. Hawkes was also the founder of Precision Remotes, Inc., a leading manufacturer of remotely operated weapons systems for nuclear power plant and battlefield environments.

Phone: 1 501 236 3422