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General Motors


General Motors
Honeoye Falls Fuel Cell Facility
10-11 Carriage Street
Honeoye Falls, New York

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Located on Carriage Street, blocks away from the Honeoye Falls business district, the center is one of three GM facilities worldwide that are devoted to developing hydrogen fuel cells. The other two facilities are in Warren, Michigan; and Mainz-Kastel, Germany. The fuel cells and fuel-cell engines developed here will be making a pit-stop in the German plant before the vehicles they power hit the pavement.

A total of around 500 people work at the three facilities, says a GM fact sheet. Around 200 people have been stationed in Honeoye Falls since 1998, and as of last summer, that number was expected to grow to 300. Just what are the engineers and other employees doing? They're running an R&D facility charged with developing hydrogen "fuel cell stacks," processors, and related devices to power a new generation of motor vehicles and industrial equipment.

Phone: 585-624-6600