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Waitt Institute of Discovery

Scientific user

P.O. Box 1948
La Jolla, CA 92038-1948

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The Waitt Institute for Discovery is a non-profit research organization that serves as an exploration catalyst, enabling scientific pioneers to transform the ways in which discoveries are made. The Waitt Institute for Discovery implements innovative technologies in the field through collaborations with world-renowned scientific institutions, synthesizing global expertise and accelerating groundbreaking research. Founded in 2005 by Ted Waitt, The Waitt Institute for Discovery seeks to advance human understanding of the past and secure promise of a better future through exploration and discovery.

The CATALYST Program makes available to the scientific community the Waitt Institute’s two REMUS 6000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The CATALYST AUVs have been designed to operate in depths ranging from 25 meters (82ft) to 6000 meters (19,685ft or 3.73 miles). This innovative and efficient new technology can be used for numerous exploration and mapping purposes, including marine conservation, ocean health studies, geological charting, and archaeological investigation.

Phone: 858 551 4400
Fax: 858 551 6871

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