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TwoG Robotics Inc.


2G Robotics Inc.
2-614 Colby Dr.
Waterloo ON Canada
N2V 1A2

Organization's Description:

Based in Waterloo Ontario and founded in 2007, 2G Robotics Inc. offers mechanical, electrical and software products and services for the mobile robotic industry, with particular emphasis on underwater robotic systems. The company is dedicated to using the most effective advanced engineering techniques and technologies for developing truly optimized custom solutions.

2G Robotics underwater laser scanner and image enhancement software goes beyond the capabilities of traditional sonar and video inspection to provide detailed inspection of even the slightest variances in underwater environments. 2G Robotics engineering experience in systems design and deployment of underwater, terrestrial, and aerial robotic systems, combined with our use of advanced engineering design methods makes our company the ideal partner for advanced underwater inspection.

Phone: (519)-886-8859