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Teledyne Webb Research


82 Technology Park Drive
E. Falmouth, Massachusetts
02536-4441 USA

Organization's Description:

Teledyne Webb Research specializes in three areas of ocean instrumentation:
- Neutrally buoyant, autonomous drifters and profilers
- Autonomous underwater gliding vehicles
- Moored underwater sound sources

Based on a long record of innovative success in ocean engineering, Webb Research personnel work cooperatively with clients to solve oceanographic problems and bring reliable data home to their laboratories. The 6000th Webb APEX float shipped in early 2010. Two thirds of the floats deployed for the worldwide Argo program, the largest oceanographic experiment ever undertaken, are APEXES. March 2010 also brought shipment of the 168th autonomous Slocum glider. A Slocum glider made history in December 2009 when it became the first autonomous vehicle to cross the Atlantic ocean, completing a journey from New Jersey to the coast of Baiona, Spain. Another first for Slocums includes the first thermal glider, launched in December 2007, to harvest heat from the ocean as its energy source. In addition, Webb sound sources anchor data collection for many ocean science programs.

Phone: 508 548 2077
Fax: 508 540 1686

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