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Orchard Brae House
30 Queensferry Road
Edinburgh EH4 2HS

Organization's Description:

SeeByte was founded in 2001 in Edinburgh, Scotland with the aim of bringing to market technologies designed at the world-class Ocean Systems Laboratory of Heriot-Watt University. OSL has a reputation of global excellence and is consulted by the world’s leading operators in the offshore, military and transportation sectors. 

Key Achievements SeeByte is responsible for a few world-firsts to validate our unique capabilities:
    1. First autonomous inspection of Riser pipes using ROVs without direct pilot control
    2. First AUV autonomous docking using Sonar and Video
    3. World record AUV pipe tracking demonstrated in North Sea – 22 km continuous autonomous tracking
    4.Only commercially available automatic Mine-hunting software using sidescan
    5.Only commercially available Performance Evaluation Tool for Sidescan MCM

Phone: 4401314474200
Fax: 4401314474911