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Teledyne Gavia


Teledyne Gavia ehf.
Vesturvör 29
200 Kópavogur

Organization's Description:

Hafmynd ehf was acquired by Teledyne Benthos, a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated on September 20, 2010. Hafmynd will operate as Teledyne Gavia ehf.

Teledyne Gavia provides turnkey solutions to customers undertaking a variety of task for defence, commercial and scientific applications with its Gavia range of AUV's. Hafmynd is the sole owner of the Gavia design and IP rights, and controls the development, production and marketing of the Gavia system.

The Gavia AUV has been in development since1997 when the Gavia program was started as a joint development with the University of Iceland. First sales of the Gavia vehicle occurred in 2000 to domestic customers in Iceland. In 2007 Hafmynd received the prestigious Icelandic Innovation Award from The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannís) and the Trade Council of Iceland.

Phone: 3545112990
Fax: 3545112999


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