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Virginia Tech Autonomous Systems and Controls Laboratory


302 Whittemore Hall
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Organization's Description:

Autonomous Systems and Controls Laboratory

Research activities range from fundamental issues in systems and control to the practical art of designing and deploying advanced autonomous robots for maritime applications. Specific research activities include:

  • Fundamental research
  • Coordinated control of multiple vehicles over extremely low bandwith communication networks.
  • Simultaneous distributed data fusion and decentralized control for mobile sensor networks
  • Information-theoretic exploration and mapping
  • Synchronization and consensus over stochastic networks
  • Applied Research
  • Adaptive environmental sampling using autonomous vehicles
  • Advanced control system design

Disributed navigation
  • Design and deployment of advanced maritime robots
  • Machine vision for maritime applications

The ASCL is a core facility of the Virginia Center for Autonomous Systems. ASCL facilities are housed in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Phone: (540) 231-3204
Fax: (540) 231-3362