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University of Delaware Robotic Discovery Laboratories

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Robotic Discovery Lab
Univerity of Delaware
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
111 Robinson Hall
Newark, DE 19716

Organization's Description:

The Robotic Discovery Laboratories connects multiple faculty members' research under one umbrella. When RDL officially opened in August 2014, it did so bringing together the existing laboratories of CEOE faculty members Mark Moline, Matt Oliver, and Art Trembanis.

The laboratories house seven robots: six torpedoes and a block. The labs are outfitted with research space, work benches and storage areas. The seven robots include:
    •    Two Kongsberg Hydroid Remus 100
    •    One Kongsberg Hydroid Remus 600
    •    Two Teledyne Gavias
    •    Two Teledyne Webb Research Slocum Gliders
    •    One Outland 1000 Remotely Operated Vehicle

Phone: 302 831 2498
Fax: 302 831 4158