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Florida Institute of Technology


150 W. University Blvd
Melbourne, Florida 32901

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The Underwater Technologies Laboratory is actively researching several topics associated with the deployment of high technology systems beneath the surface of the ocean. The goal is to support the development of such systems for deployment by the oceanographic and industrial community and also to advance the state of the art of underwater engineering globally.

It is the intention of the ocean engineering program at Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech) to design and develop an inexpensive autonomous oceanographic data acquisition system that is capable of operating at depths to 6000 meters. The system will comprise four key components: 1) an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV), 2) an underwater refueling and information exchange station, 3) an oceanographic mooring similar to those used by NOAA for measurement of surface conditions, and 4) a satellite connection between the mooring and Florida Tech's base-of-operations.

Phone: 321 674 7244